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    Top Talent Denmark

    Top Talent Denmark is the official Danish talent recruitment platform in China. The platform continuously strives to promote Denmark as an attractive study and work destination for Chinese talents.

    top talent

    A Danish career path for Chinese students and young professionals

    Top Talent Denmark is a "one stop-shop" for Chinese students and young professionals interested in pursuing a Danish education and/or career.


    Through the Top Talent Denmark programme, Chinese students and young professionals can connect with Danish higher education institutions and companies, and learn more about Danish education and career opportunities. On our social media platforms, you can learn about the benefits of a Danish education and the possibilities created by a career in Danish companies. 


    Denmark Days – ‘offline’ education and career events

    Each year, Top Talent Denmark hosts ‘offline’ education and career events called Denmark Days. At these events, Danish higher education institutions and companies meet and engage in 1-1 dialogue with Chinese students and young professionals.


    ICDK organises Top Talent Denmark in close collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


    For more information, contact Martin Bech, Innovation Attaché: +86 158 2106 7165 / [email protected]  

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