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    Danish start-ups have a new acceleration platform in China

    Starting from 2018, ICDK Shanghai has engaged in a partnership with nHack, and are inviting Danish start-ups to China on a three months accelerator programme. During the programme, the participating start-ups will be supported by ICDK Shanghai's consultants and be exposed to nHack’s network of entrepreneurs, investors and mentors. The programme is the first of its kind and offers Danish start-ups a unique opportunity to succeed in China.   


    What is nHack?
    nHack is a Nordic initiative that was initiated
    in 2017. It consists of two parts: a venture capital fund and an accelerator. Its mission is to help Nordic start-ups tap into the Chinese innovation eco-system and gain quick access to the Chinese market.

    The people behind nHack are successful Nordic and international entrepreneurs and company leaders - with more than 60 years of experience in China. Main investors are Danske Bank and WeWork. ICDK Shanghai is also an official nHack-partner; our role is to provide the participating start-ups with sector specific knowledge and know-how, e.g. within ICT, cleantech and life science.

    nHack has branches in four leading Chinese tech-centres, each with a specific specialisation that is chosen on the basis of each centres' strongholds:

    • Beijing: Games and Sector Neutral
    • Shanghai: Ocean and Marine Technology
    • Shenzhen: Harware, AI, Robotics, Automation
    • Hangzhou: Health, MedTech and E-Commerce 

    These specialisations make the programme ideal for start-ups within areas such as Consumer Electronics, MedTech, Hardware, Ocean Technology, Gaming, Mobile and AgTech.

    What is included in the nHack accelerator programme?
    nHacks' three months accelerator programme offers a great opportunity to explore the Chinese market and its many possibilities: Leading technology-hubs, unrivalled time to market, enormous scaling possibilities and investors that are keen to support start-ups. The programme design allows Danish start-ups to explore these unique possibilities in close collaboration with local partners, and without making expensive mistakes. nHack’s goal is clear: To make Nordic starts-ups succeed in China by acquire the first paying customer, sign a binding collaboration agreement or secure funding from a Chinese investor. We ensure this by exposing participating start-ups to China-specific market knowledge and needed competencies, as well as by introducing them to relevant networks, partners and potential investors.

      Who are we looking for?
      We are looking for start-ups within the tech-industry that can either benefit from resources in China or have a great potential on the Chinese market.

      To learn more about participating start-ups from previous years, have a look at some cases from the 2017-cohort: Blueye Robotics, Moviemask and Wiral. Or look through some of the videos from the first cohort right here:


      How does it work?
      Applications for the programme are accepted all year round, with most programmes starting at the beginning of every quarter.

      For more information about the programme, application procedure and next cohort start, feel free to contact our Executive Director, S?ren Boutrup or read more on nHack's website.

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